Public Domain, Part 1: Limited Solely By Your Imagination


Public Domain. We are hearing more and more every day about what you can do with public domain works. You might just read the information and learn from it for your own benefit; you might study it to get ideas for establishing a particular business, to create specific articles, to write bodies of content… the list is limited solely by your imagination.

What you need to do is to search for no-cost public domain information and incorporate it into your Web site in order to be a magnet for the traffic that is seeking this variety of information. This is content with copyrights that have long since expired. Other informational formats might be government forms, dates, figures, and a veritable wealth of other types of information.

With the arrival of the Internet and the ease of downloading and compiling of information, more and more people are now realizing that the public domain is a foundation of amazing wealth that you can tap into, for huge profits. Information becomes your golden lode. Using public domain information is an straightforward technique for creating products and then selling them in the form of Ebooks, reports, or for creating content for your Web site.

You are probably wondering, should I create my own information product? Is it worth it. There are many spaces on the Internet where you can locate public domain information for your Web site for instance, a Google AdSense Web site. It is possible to obtain public domain information and even out of the box articles from a multiplicity of sources on the Internet.

If your focus is on the Internet Marketing group, try researching the keywords, Marketing information in the public domain. You might need content for your Ebook or audio tape that you can quickly gain access to and drop in as a distinctive chapter or section, but without laying out any money — or actually performing any work. You dont need to search the nooks and crannies of the library or the Internet for hours, to start an article from scratch.

Are you aware that you could use this same public domain information to create your own articles based on the theme of your Web site? The search engines simply love themed sites. The length of each article is your decision, but it should offer constructive information associated with your business. If your Web site is about Bodybuilding or something related to that topic, open the document and rummage around for information that might be developed into a pertinent article.


By force of statute, publications created prior to 1923 are public domain information. Public domain information is classified as any body of creative works or other data or knowledge that is *not* protected by US copyright laws. However, copyright protection really does need further verification than just relying on the publication year.

It really is an excellent rule of thumb that you can follow, to make sure that the primary document was published before 1923, if you are in the United States of America. Other countries might have different copyright laws, so you might need to make sure with a copyright lawyer. You should always obtain a certificate of copyright clearance for every public domain manuscript you intend on publishing.

There are millions of public domain works. Anyone can reproduce and sell, adding their own name as the author. You can even obtain copyright (for a derivative work) and stop others from selling your unique twist on the original work. If you have the money to have a lawyer look at copyright for you, then this is great — you can forge ahead and begin creating your new work!

While a great portion of the material you locate falls into the category of “fair use,” not all the works that are found in the public domain database are free of copyright restrictions. Currently, works published 75 years ago are regarded to be public domain. Those published from 1924-1963 *might* be public domain — but only IF the copyright was not renewed.

Once you have found your perfect document, change the title, add some unique paragraphs of your own, include pictures (there is a plethora of public domain images), update spellings, remove any dated terminology, and your article or Ebook are now copyright-protected… It is now termed a derivative work. The benefit of public domain works is, of course, that the copyrights have expired. Just keep in mind, it is still vital to thoroughly delve into the relevant laws to make sure that no copyright or trademark applies.

The arena of public domain information is one of the most commanding — yet, least understood — facets of the publishing world. But public domain information can very much be a valuable resource to those who are aware of how to properly use it.

So! Now you have enough information to begin your public domain search online, right now — and offline, starting tomorrow morning!

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Best Free Resources, Part 3 — Creating Audio And Video

Best Free Resources, Part 3 — Creating Audio And Video


Digital download services might be big news today, but the model of Mp3 downloads has been around for quite a few years. Digital downloads, most frequently offered in the fashionable Mp3 format, have speedily become a preference of many music fans due to the Mp3s ease of transfer and lower cost. Digital audio players are continually improving.

In brief, this is the process that leads to successful audie: There are software that convert the music, or other audio such as voice, to a small digital file. This is usually a WAV conversion to Mp3, which uses a codec like Mp3 or WMA (Windows Media). Today, Mp3 is no longer the solitary game in town, and when it comes down to compressing your audio for storage on your PC, there are many codecs to be had, such as Advanced Audio Coding or Windows Media Audio. Both of these new options are perceptual coding schemes. As with the Mp3, they throw away the audio information that they deem to be as least important to the quality of the sound.

Since CD-based Mp3 players have been around awhile, prices have fallen significantly, even on high quality units. There are sound recorder programs designed to perform directly with your sound card — so, you can record almost near-perfect quality audio from your sound card.

Stats show that at least 30% of surfers are auditory, and therefore, if you do not have audio on your site, then you are losing out on quite a bit of traffic. Streaming audio gives credibility to your Web site. It has never been more simple — or FUN! — to create streaming audio for your Web site. Most in the Internet Marketing groups will agree that streaming audio on your Web site will help to increase your sales. For Internet marketers, selling products on the Web, streaming audio can increase your conversion rates as well. For Newsletter marketing: Sending your newsletter with streaming audio on it and with links coming back to your Web page, is a good way to increase your conversion rates.

Adding streaming audio to your personal site makes a lot of sense and can be a whole lot of fun. To place streaming audio on your site, as well as find a wealth of information, voiceover professionals, hosting, tools, and more, visit Google and use keywords in these topic areas. The amount of information is simply astounding.

Be careful to not overload your Web site with audio. If you have a lot of audio buttons to choose from, most visitors will choose NONE. However, when you simply have a couple of audio buttons on your site, this encourages folks to listen to your message. A single audio button, done right, can be very powerful, and is usually enough to communicate your point. Speaking of your point…

HAVE a point! This maybe sounds obvious, but many ambitious marketers place audio on their Web site only because they CAN, and for no other discernible reason. Nobody will care about how technical or alluring your audio is, if it doesnt portray much of a point, related to your offerings, which is why the visitor is there in the first place! Have a specific purpose and reason pertaining to your products, for using audio.


Shooting and editing has been revolutionized by the onset of Digital Video. Music video production companies or freelancers, for instance, specialize in the writing of treatments for music videos, coverage of live shows, video editing, and developing video for the Internet. They also, of course, produce the actual videos. A good rule of thumb for not only professionals, but novices and Marketers wishing to place video online, is to plan out your intention and theme for your event and then get your final video production to echo your theme.

What problem does your video need to get to the bottom of? These days, the necessity for return on investment is crucial. For your special event, create a video with an emotional angle which will set the mood and tone.

Characteristically, here are the stages: the pre-production stage, the production stage, and the post-production stage. The stages necessary to generate a video will vary, depending on style and content.

Digital cameras are revolutionizing the perception of business, and new business lines of attack are being developed. Recent emergence of truly portable digital video players and the beginning of video-on-demand via the Internet have recently arrived. Now, because of widespread availability of high-speed Internet access, inexpensive desktop video editing is available to anyone who is interested!

You are in great company! When Google speaks, people listen! What is Google up to? The giant SE is increasingly ramping up an item that will unquestionably become the Web’s premiere “vending” machine for videos. We suggest you navigate over to Google, click on Video and dream up ways to utilize this in your online ventures!

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We All Are Responsible For Setting The Ethics In Online

We All Are Responsible For Setting The Ethics In Online Marketing

In our world of online business, many things have gone wrong. In fact, something has gone terribly wrong. In the chase for wealth and success, business ethics have not so much fallen by the side of the road, as they have been worn to shreds, trampled on, and burnt to ash. At one time, perhaps there was a loose form of rule that applied, but now there only exists forms of chaos, greed, and hype. Maybe your little corner of the Internet is not quite this bad, but for most — especially our prospective customers — this is a daily online occurrence.

Business ethics require integrity. Integrity refers to reliability, consistency, and wholeness,. Ethical businesses take care of people with esteem, honesty, and integrity. They maintain their promises, and they honor their commitments.

The global, international concept of business is primarily based on the tenet of competition for limited assets. This results in the routine of getting the most out of one’s gains at the expense of other people. This, in due course, has the outcome of creating a class structure of those who have, and those who have not. This is really equal to ” eradicating the enemy” — effectively, other human beings. This could even be viewed as a form of suicide, if we take into account the old cartoon character, Pogo. He is famous for saying that the enemy is Us.

A model of ethics is based essentially on moral principles. That is, the principles of right and wrong, as determined by the core human standards that we, as human beings, hold treasured in our hearts. These are underlying values of love, compassion, fairness, honesty, reverence, peace, joyfulness, success, harmony, beauty, and so many more of the greatest things in the experience of humankind.

Many of the ethical concerns that we may face are not clearly black or white. In actual fact, two people facing the same question could quite possibly make divergent decisions, while also judging that they each have made the best principled decision. Why? Because ethical judgements are established in accordance with ones moral character. When it comes to honorable behavior, we each march to the beat of different drummers, and as such, will make different decisions that are poles apart, on similar issues.

In our new millennium with its expanded technologies, no one would debate that business ethics are being dissected now, more than ever. The Internet is not unaffected when it comes to the subject of ethics — security of personal data, spam, privacy, and general considerations of trust are all factors with which the genuine online marketer must learn to contend.

We need to begin by remembering that appropriate marketing ethics in the offline world apply in the online world, just as much. For example, false advertising is still something that just shouldnt be done. Simply put, never, ever attempt to hoodwink your customer, be prepared to support your claims, and always deliver on what you promote. That which you sell has got to have the exact qualities of what you claimed it to have.

Business ethics require a business plan. Without one, your promotionals as well as your product, tend to be loose as a goose. A company’s ethics are built on its self image, its vision for the future, and its stance in the community. Business ethics do not take place in a vacuum. The more succinct the company’s plan is for profits and service, growth, and stability, the more tenacious its commitment is, to ethical business practices.

As a business owner you must set your acceptable level for ethical behavior. Make integrity a mainstay value; be honest with your customers and employees; always follow the rules; never bargain with your principles; and remember — the right thing is not always the reverse of the wrong thing. Follow the things in this short paragraph, and your customers will respect you. Your employees will keep on being loyal. These are essential ingredients to a thriving business.

While we can point accusatory fingers at corporations, lawmakers, and those in political places, we each have a personal accountability to be part of the cause and solutions for the ethical fabric of our everyday lives. So, how can we support one another in these raging disputes? What can we do to assist each other so that we all can arrive at ethical decisions, and conduct ourselves in the best ethical manners?

Again, Id like to repeat that there is never a compromise for ethical standards. Not only is this important on an unseen, deeper level, it is also a basic component of long-term business or personal success. A breach of ethics does absolutely nothing to help a home-based business — small and therefore more vulnerable — but it does risk destroying what youve worked so hard to establish.

Every ethical business person should be encouraged, even challenged, to stand up and make your voice heard when you come in contact with unethical behavior. You not only have the right to do this, you truly have the responsibility to do so.

Life is just too short for wasting time with people who are not trustworthy and believable in their actions.

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Best Free Resources, Part 1 — Graphics Color Your World

Best Free Resources, Part 1 — Graphics Color Your World

The Web is a limitless supply of clip art and animations, as you have already probably experienced. When you visit complex and highly structured Web pages, like those maintained by large businesses or IT gurus, it is understandable that this might intimidate a Webmaster who doesnt have either the time or the capacity to create such attention-grabbing art forms from scratch.

Take some time to explore Web sites that provide stock photos and clip art. There are unmistakably hundreds of Web sites for online creatives, where you can discover clip art of all kinds and appeal. Some sites offer “free” photos for anybody to use — with or without restrictions. There are many sites with large collections of high quality graphics — clipart, illustrations, and stock photography.

The best advantage of using clip art in your sites graphic design is that it is a simplified process — just about anybody can creatively use it. You dont have to be a professional graphic artist in order to design sharp images. Your knowledge of using the computer and the Internet will suffice, and thereby you will be able to construct images that might even outshine images that the best pros in graphic design create! At the very least, your chosen art works will reflect your personal taste and values.

When you begin your exploration for great-looking graphics on the Net, you will come up with a mountain of sites that offer clip-art, graphics, and photos. Be prepared… some images common ones (such as the tired, old under construction sign, some forms of free clip art, and world globes — have been used a million times and we have gotten sick of looking at them. Also, a word of warning — free clipart Web sites often supply small tons of banner and pop-up advertising and some even have more menacing items, such as spyware applications that install themselves automatically on your computer. You will never know what hit you, until it HITS you!

The cheerless reality is that you might be able to code HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) in your sleep — but without fundamental graphic design skills, software that fits the online requirements, and a little bit of time for both learning curve and honing artistic skills, you still won’t have decorative, compelling images on your Web site. This includes navigation and instructional elements such as buttons, bars, icons, and promotional art.

What is your solution? Relax. This is really much easier than you think. Sit down at your PC and log on to the Internet. Go to your favorite search engine and carry out a search with key words such as “clipart,” “free graphics,” or “animations.” This kind of search more often than not results in dozens of Web sites where you can download all the Internet Eye Candy that you could possibly use. Most of these graphics are truly totally free, as long as you don’t do something like placing them on CD and distributing them to somebody else.

No doubt, you are seeking easy layout and design — Web pages typically are made up of headlines, photos, and text. These all must fit together to craft a design that is aesthetically pleasing for your site visitors. Illustrations and photos help you add the visual appeal that translates into a stong desire by your visitor, to buy. Here are a few tips for using graphics in your persuasion efforts:

* Keep your audience in mind — men and women comprehend
colors differently. So you might want to use one arrangement
of colors if you are advertising to mostly men, and another
if you are marketing to women.
* Keep your product in mind –If your site is for camping or
gardening, you wont want to use royal colors such as
purple, gold, or silver, as these hues are not prevalent in
* Never misuse the true functions of graphics. The search
engines are much smarter than that. It doesnt matter how
essential it is for you to quickly become listed in the
search engines. Dont kid yourself into hoping that you can
put hidden content in the background of your Web site, or
other obscure places such as image ALT tags. This is not
going to snag you a better ranking. In fact, it may do very
much the opposite. This is exactly the flipside of what you
wish to accomplish — so be certain to steer far away from
anything that might put your footing with the search engines
at risk.

The sheer number of creative design options is certainly overwhelming. Well-designed, with properly chosen colors, your site will by design, set the visitors frame of mind for whatever youre offering. Sensitively selected, quality images that truthfully support your sales copy will help to produce a positive reaction in your Web visitors.

No matter the reason for why you want images of any kind, buying images online, in a structured, organized showing or gallery, now measures much better than purchasing a humongous clipart collection and hoping to dig through enough of the CD, to find what you need. This is NOT fun.

Well-thought-out decisions in your images can dramatically change the look of your Web pages instantly — and, more importantly, they can instantaneously increase your online sales. Badly designed Web sites reflect shoddily on your business. Also keep in mind that even if the design of your Web site looks well turned-out, unless it follows the convention of Web marketing — image choices, copywriting, SEO, and the many other facets of Web development — it will not perform its job properly.

Exhibiting your goods and services in the best, most attractive approach — one that will generate a positive response from your potential customers — is a very specialized expertise, and is something a savvy, professional Web company should make a goal to attain excellence.

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