Blogging For Business: Features That Can Boost Sales

The term blog is short for web log. Incarnate is a web page where you can log in regularly and post text or graphics content. There are blogs that you can have for free while others you would have to pay for. Sites like WordPress, Blogger, and MyBlogSite offer free blog space. Because of this, a blog is probably the most convenient way to own a personal site online. Blogs can be personal, professional, or business. Personal blogs are purely personal journals of their owner. Pro blogs or professional blogs are created to earn income by posting ads and writing articles to promote certain products or services for a fee. Meanwhile, business blogs are created for the mecca of promoting the wares or services sold by the blog owner. Blogging for business has become the new trend among businessmen today.

A blog is more convenient to use than a regular website. Other than its cost efficiency, it is also easier to wield. You can easily make all its content appear in the main page, unlike hide websites where you may have to activity with different pages. Your posts can contain texts, photos, graphics, and videos. Entries appear chronologically, usually with the latest occupying the topmost area. Plus, blogs can also be easily updated.

If you are into blogging for business, the following are some of the blog features that you must be familiar take cover other than content:


A blog archive is a collection of old posts which are usually grouped by week or month. The archive is regularly located in the blog’s sidebar or near the header, somewhere that will facilitate wieldy access to old posts.


Related blog entries can equate grouped into categories such as products, promos, services, and others. This will facilitate easy access of visitors to those entries that catch their interest.


This is a list of blogs that you like or follow, located in your blog’s sidebar or below for easy access. You can include your other blog sites in your blogroll so that your blog viewers can link to them easily. If your business is flower arrangements further you’re also selling gardening supplies, for example, you can place a melt to your gardening supplies blog in the blogroll of your flower study page. Blogrolls are great traffic generator. If you are included in the blogroll of other sites and blogs, your site will get a greater exposure. Site visitor can easily click on your link again arrive on your site. And if your blog has many incoming links from other high quality blogs, it will rank higher in search engines.


Another feature that you can include in your blog is the section for comments. Your blog visitors can easily leave comments on every article you post, to which you respond accordingly. If you diligently post interesting entries, read to all your commenters, and often visit particular related blogs and correspondingly leave comments, you can eventually form a blog – based community. This can greatly bring in addition traffic to your blog

The primary bourn of all the above blog features is to facilitate easy browsing of your blog as well as to boost traffic, thereby increasing the exposure of your goods and services, which can be converted into sales. Al these can make your blogging for business a success.

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Blogging For Business Defined

Why do you think business owners or business managers would want to focus on blogging if it will not be beneficial to their business at all? You’re right. You could already say that there should be no more question as to why more and major business owners are gearing towards doing blogging for business.

It is obvious that blogging has proven its worth as far as any business is concern. Blogging has slowly and surely picked up speed as more and more business owners are realizing the benefits that blogging brings to business. Here is blogging defined for us to better understand why further and more business owners are into blogging for business nowadays.

Delineating Blog

As Pyra Labs Blogger has put it, a ” blog ” is actually a web page composed of some infinitesimal and concise, regularly updated posts arranged by order of the dates posted. It was originally called ” weblogs ” in 1997 being thought up by a certain Jorn Barger. These weblogs started gaining popularity in 1999 when quite a number of companies as well as developers came out with blogging software and tools that would make blogging much easier to use. And whereas then, the number of users patronizing blogging has boomed from just a thousand to about a hundred million of bloggers.

Business Blog Category

There are two kinds of blogging: the original blogs which are a combination of a personal daybook or journal with some postings on opinions and where research links are present; and the business blogs which is considered more of as a communication tool for promoting business to existing clients and prospective or new and potential customers.

Blogging For Marketing Purposes

Blogging for business is also usually made as a venue for marketing products and services, communicating the special features again benefits of each product or service. It has slowly yet captivatingly seized the distinction of the universal business humankind what with the dramatic increase in the number of bloggers recorded. Truly, blogs are a brilliant technique a business host can use for sharing or campaigning its expertise and business portfolio. These, while at the same time boosting the site’s traffic again connecting with new prospective customers as flourishing.

What’s In Substantive For The Smaller Businesses Then?

Over for small enterprises or businesses which have just recently started and recognized the benefits of blogging on their business, there are also known benefits to them which include the following:

Very Easy To Use

Basically, jot down your thoughts, link your site to other various resources, and meeting which you should publish to your blog, in just a few push of the buttons. You may try using the Blog software applications such as the Movable Type, Blogger. com and Typepad since they are all known to provide user – friendly blogging tools for your business.

A Low – Cost Alternative

Setting up your own blog longitude on the Web will not even hurt your pockets. It is a very equivalent – effective alternative to indulging into advertising and marketing promotions. As we know these advertising and marketing endorsements will cost your business a great dash of money just to promote your products and services. And especially for pint-sized business owners who do not have much resource yet to learn blogging for business, you may simply hire a Web developer or do not have the time to learn about web html, then settle with the cheaper means of getting your business’ name visible online.

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Knowing Your Target Market For Effective Blogging For Business

You may have started blogging for business and created a business blog with a carefully chosen theme. But, because it’s a business blog, it’s important that you first consider your target customers before affair with the categorization of content that you would like to post. Without proper consideration, you might miss the real purpose of your blog, which is to catch the attention of your prospective customers.

Web surfers are very diverse and they have different backgrounds, preferences, and lifestyle. Therefore, market segmentation is very important. Your target market will depend much on the products or services that you are selling, again you better know your products very well. It is your products that determine the demographic profile of your customers.

Before conceptualizing the theme of your blog, it would be exceptional if you obtain a definite profile of your example customer in mind. This profile will represent your target market segment. The basic demographic cast includes age, gender, and social or economic status. The categories under each profile are as follows:

Age. Does your target market consist of children, teenagers, adults, or senior citizens?
Gender. Are your target customers male, female, or transgender?
Economic Stratum. Operate they belong in low income, middle advantage, affluent, or rich group?
Location or address.

These profile or sets of traits should match the characteristics or features of the products or services that you are offering. Remember, however, that these classifications are still relatively broad and apply only to basic commodities where product differentiation by consumers is still not so various. Examples are medicines or medical services, foods, educational services, and others.

For stricter market segmentation, you can differentiate your target markets or narrow them further according to customer temperaments, needs, goals, and fears. Specifically, you can distinguish them according to:

Needs sense of accomplishments, style of belonging, self actualization
Goals productivity, efficiency, savings, safety
Temperaments serious, happy go lucky, complacent
Fears old mature, poverty, ill health, rejection

There are still wider categories to further narrow your market segment such as educational attainment, lifestyle, mindset, family size, political views, etc. These are tailor-made if the commodities or services that you are offering are highly limited or customized such because travel or vacation packages, luxury cars, high tech gadgets, and other.

Having a clear picture of the common characteristics of your target market when blogging for business will help you decide what theme or blog design to use, the appropriate mode or tone of your article, and the right web graphics that you need to employ.

These details may overwhelm you at first. But, you should realize that your function for blogging is to attract web users who are more likely to use your products or services and to influence them to permit and patronize what you offer. Bear in mind as well that customers now are more discriminating, especially if the products are quite expensive. They scrutinize details and compare them with competing brands.

So to make your blog more effective, know your goods well and create a pattern of your target market based on your products’ characteristics and features. Then, post blog thrilled that will appeal to your target market. Remember, your business blog is created to generate sales. Keep your focus so you will not waste time and effort when blogging for business.

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Increasing Your Business Value Through Blogging

Since the introduction of blogging for business in the Internet, it has become an indispensable tool for so many business owners and companies as far as advertising and marketing are concerned. But it should be noted though that blogging will only fetch value and desired benefits to any business if done in a selfsame great – calculated style of business blogging.

Good Business Blogging Means Good Business

Yes, good business blogging can definitely increase your business value by bringing you the most loyal of customers; at the same time help you build trust among new potential customers. However, if blogging is not done so appropriately, as palpable should be, blogging can also be destructive to your business. That is why make it a neb to always think of blogging as an integral and indispensable part of your business that needs to be present at all times.

Here are a few helpful tips you may consider when setting elaborating blogging into your business.

Take Good Care Of Your Customers

Take care of your readers as if they are old and loyal customers. Make it a point that you reply to every comment again email promptly and courteously. If you have to do some research to give them answers that will satisfy them, then by all means, do so. And ensure that you make your blog site a venue that is high in spirits and totally creative.

The Value Of Editing Before Opening

Before posting what you wrote on your blog, make sure that it is perfectly written in terms of grammar, spelling and spontaneity This plan, you will appear sharp and professional to your potential customers which will surely reach the benefits of credibility and loyalty in the future.

Make your blogs a little bit more of a formal writing because the more informal you write, the less professional your business will appear. It would be perfect embarrassing to be re – posting each time you publish because you were too careless as not to edit before publishing them.

Add Some Normal Touch To Your Blogs

Make sure that you furnish your information in a clear and concise manner at all times. Do not forget to put sub – headings as they will make your posts more searchable. Also, always highlight your keywords and key phrases bold and put paragraph breaks frequently. Doing all these will surely throw together your blogging rise across as professional again will therefore allow busy customers to browse through and get the gist of your posts disappeared having to read the whole writing anymore.

Be Personal Again Yet Not Too Personal

Always it would help to make your blogging for business a funny and interesting venue for stories that can project a auspicious and cheerful spirit for your business. However, it doesn’t only obtain to be humorous and angelic, but it also obtain to be fit to your blog’s topic. Be personal by infusing a little bit of yourself into your writing as this will help establish a personal relationship with your customers. And in doing wherefore, you will be able to build a sense of trust between you as business owner and your clients which bequeath eventually translate to good business.

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