Internet Marketing Statistics – How Important Are They

Most of us understand the general picture – the internet is an unimpaired part of our daily lives and a one – stop resource for information, planning, organization and, often times, making a living. But it isn’t until we actually see the internet marketing statistics that we realize just how powerful the worldwide web is, and how it is shaping our future.

Here are just a few numbers ( from ComScore ) based on internet users who are 15 years old and up…

Where are the internet users?

In 1996, two – thirds of the worlds Internet masses was in the United States. Today, Asia Pacific is the largest region ( 41 % ) while all of North America reresents only 17 % of the worldwide internet audience. China and India are growing at the quickest rate with Central Europe and Russia not far behind. All of Europe holds 28 % of the pie.

How does the world use the web?

The Conversational Media category ( social networks and blogs ) of internet marketing statistics is still a high – growth category, attracting an astounding 3 out of 4 web users and growing at a rate of 7. 1 % since last year. Games ( 10. 9 % growth ) and entertainment ( 6. 7 ) are again in the top three growth categories.

However, the struggling economy has caused a steep decline in visitation to Retail, Automotive, Banking and Travel sites and a sharp increase in sites dealing with unemployment. A whopping 46 % of all respondents saying that the economic condition is their biggest worry. 2008 saw a dramatic increase in people conducting pecuniary and economic – related searches on the Web. The number of people searching on terms related to unemployment and bankruptcy more than doubled throughout 2008.

Social Networking Sites and Video:

Facebook overtook MySpace ( growing by 127 % ) this year.

At the end of 2008, it was reported that 146 million Americans ( a 6 % increase from the previous time ) viewed 12. 7 billion online videos ( 34 % more than the previous year ). Online video viewing now accounts for 12. 5 % of Americans total time spent on the Internet, augmenting from 8. 5 % in November 2007.

YouTube, with 40 % market share in November 2008, continues to be a significant driver in the U. S. online video market, accounting for approximately two – thirds of the growth in online video views during 2008.

Hulu, the joint video venture of NBC Universal and News Corp in 2008, grew its audience by 139 % in the last six months of the era.

Advertising effectiveness:

Despite a decrease in clicks from 2008 to 2009, display advertising has shown to have a significant, positive impact on consumer behavior. It increases visitation to the advertisers website, increases uses of brand name search, increases the likelihood of buying the advertised brand online and increases the likelihood of buying at the advertisers retail store.

E – commerce:

Online spending growth rates peaked in April 2008 at 15 % and then steadily declined through the remainder of the year. However, online spending recovered slightly, with sales in January 2009 increasing 2 % versus the previous year.

Understanding Internet marketing statistics allows you to develop an effective and up – to – date internet marketing strategy. Make sure you go where the people are, or, steady better, get there before they do!

The Internet Marketing Tools

The Power Blog

The Good Things About Blogging For Business

Blogs can be an effective platform for your business. In fact, blogging for business is now a new trend. Blogs are easy to create and inexpensive. In fact, there are several websites that submission blogs for free such as WordPress and Blogger. A blog is also inexpensive to maintain. All you have to do is to regularly post entries related to your businessproduct or service information, related news, tips, tutorials, and various others. It doesn’t require any tech savvy to upload ecstatic because the instructions are user friendly and are easy to understand. Plus, your uploaded content is almost instantly published on your blog page. Therefore, if you have any important announcement regarding your business operation or any product update, rest assured that it will be immediately available to your target viewers. You can also create several blogs for each of your distinct product lines.

The abutting are some of the advantages of blogging for business:

It Provides A Massive Product / Service Exposure

Blogs can be easily tracked by major search engines such as Yahoo and Google as extensive as you regularly upload high – quality content like articles, photos, and videos. Each blog article you submit is indexed by search engines. To further increase your traffic, you can leave comments on other blogs and have your page linked to these blogs. This will proffer to the increase of your search engine ranking. Another feature that you can use is the RSS Feed, a built – in syndication feature that will enable your readers to see and gain access to your content even without actually visiting your page. Through this feature, you keep your readers updated and intrinsic would be easy for them to see whether there’s smash new in the blog, at which point they can delicate click on the link to be directed to your page.

It Becomes A Break Board for Your Dormant and Existing Customers

A lot of people go online, so blogging enables you to reach out to a wide range of customers in various demographics. You can connect with your customers on a more symptomatic level, from content to video. You can upload a video bearings you can talk to them about your product professionally to generate more trust and confidence on you and on your product or service. You can also get feedbacks from your visitors forasmuch as that you will know the strengths and weaknesses of your products. This street, you can further improve them. You can also channel polls or surveys thus that you will know the preferences of your target market.

It Gives Prospects for Preferred Profit

With a blog, you can gain profit minus all the expenses. Your aid will continuously increase as sales go up with very diminutive price on your part. Establishing a business blog will significantly reduce your advertising cost due to maintaining a blog is way much cheaper than the commonplace ways of advertising. Further since it also reaches a wide range of internet users, the circumstance of attracting buyers is greater. Therefore, the prospect for greater profit is inevitable.

If you’re a business hotelkeeper who is operating a relatively small enterprise or is just starting, you can take advantage of blogging for business to further increase your growth potential. To optimize your blog function, you can explore the different blog features such as plug – ins or add – ons, flash media, widgets, RSS feeds, again many others.

The Internet Marketing Tools

The Power Blog

Business Coaches: How to Market Your Website

You want to work as a business coach. Great, you chose a profitable career path. You created a website to highlight your education and training, and outlined how and why you can help business owners, but now what? If no one sees your website, you will not get any clients. So, now you need to develop a marketing plan. What should that plan include?

Article directories. You may be surprised how many people want to work-from-home or start their own business. You may also be surprised how many people turn to the internet to make that happen. Each day, thousands of men and women search the internet looking for small business ideas, ways to make money from, home, and so forth. If you write articles for article directories, they may find your content. Include a link to your website at the end of those articles and they will find your website.

The key to writing articles for article directories is to write on related subjects. You want to target new business owners and struggling business owners. Write articles on how to start a home based business, how to start a small business, how to run a profitable business, and important keys to running a smooth business. At the bottom of each article, remember to place a link back to your website. If they can use your services, they will.

Message boards for work-at-home parents. As previously stated, a lot of men and women want to work from home or be their own boss. For most, this is because they are tired of having someone else to answer to. For parents, this is to spend more time with their kids and eliminate the need for costly daycare. A stay-at-home mom may have a great idea to sell handmade toys online, but there are thousands of others doing the same. You can help her improve her products, create good sales pitches, and market her website.

To get clients from work-at-home message boards, you need to rely on posts, signatures, and your profile. Interact in the community. Even if you arent a parent yourself, you are free to join. Does a parent ask about business ideas or marketing tips? Offer a few suggestions, but avoid from outright posting an advertisement. In fact, some message boards have an Advertise Your Business Here, section. If signatures are enabled, create a catchy phrase and make it clickable and leading to your website. That signature will appear below each of your posted messages.

In addition to targeting work-at-home communities, you can also do the same with small business communities. There are many online message boards where small business owners get together to share tips and tricks. Insert yourself in these types of communities.

Online business directories. If your business isnt already listed in a number of online business directories, get it. Perform a standard internet search with the phrase business directories. Those searching with the same phrase will get the same results. Start at the top of the list and work your way down. Most are free and you can add your business right away. When doing so, be sure to include a link to your website. The search engines and readers will pickup this link.

Search engine optimization. If you dont know what search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is, it is time to learn. You are hurting your business by being unfamiliar with the phrase and practice. When you created content for your website, did you use a keyword tracker tool to see what internet users are searching for? No? Go back and do so. You will find that people want to learn how to start a small business, how to open a storefront store, how to market and online store, and so forth. Take these exact phrases and incorporate them into your website content. The search engines will pick them up and list your website in related search results.

Searching engine optimization is a very important part of internet marketing. It can help your business or greatly hurt it. Your goal as a business coach is to teach others how to market their business. You need to be able to do the same with your own. If a reader searches for business help, business coaches, or business coaching services, and your website does not appear until the 10th page on Google, you are out of luck.


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Business Coaches: How to Create a Website

If you want to sell your services as a business coach, you need to have a website. Part of running a profitable business is having a website and internet marketing. You teach your clients the importance of the internet, so make sure you use it yourself.

If you have never created a website before, you may be a bit nervous about the entire process. After all, you want to get it right and the first time. You have two main options. These are to hire a web designer or do the work yourself. If unfamiliar with HTML, do not fret. Opt for a web hosting package that includes a site building tool.

Before you get started, you must know some important things. A website should be professional and easy to navigate. You run a professional business, so your website should have the same look and feel. As for navigation, fewer pages are better. No one wants to visit 10 different pages on your website before finally finding your contact information. Chances are, they will give up after the 5th and turn to a competing business coach.

As for what you need to get started, you need a web hosting package, good domain name, pictures, and content. Continue reading on for a further explanation of each.

Web hosting. Choose an affordable package. Most hosting companies offer discounts if you pay for a year or two or advance. Do this. Remember, if you dont know HTML, opt for a package that includes a website building tool. You should gain access to hundreds of templates, colors, pictures, and fonts.

Domain name. Your domain name is important. Most clients will find you with a standard internet search, but some may key in your website address directly. Make sure it is easy to spell and short. You can use your name, your business name, or a phrase related to business coaching or help.

Pictures. All business owners should have a picture of themselves on their website. This is important for you because you will be working one-on-one with clients. A picture speaks a thousands works. Make sure it is a professional picture, but that you also look like a real person. Always smile. This picture needs to show your clients that they can entrust you with their business and feel comfortable working side-by-side with you.

Website content. You should divide your content into different sections and pages.

Start with the main page, also known as the home page. When internet users type in your address at, this is the first page they will see, so make it good. Your picture should be somewhere on the page, like in the upper right-hand corner. Welcome visitors to your page and then start with a catchy tag line.

Have you turned your dream of running a business into a reality, but does that reality feel like a nightmare? Let me help you improve your profits and get your dream back on the right track. This phrase is best if catering to small to medium sized business owners.

Underneath your tag line, use bullet points to highlight how you can help. This can include team-building exercises, time management exercises, business communication exercises, sharing marketing tips and more. Make each of these clickable links leading to a new page.

At the new page, focus more on the service offered. For example, communication building exercises. Stress the importance of etiquette, listening to clients, and summarize methods of communication. Then, state the consequences for not having good communication skills. For example, a customer who doesnt feel like they are being heard, is likely to take their business elsewhere.

Then, highlight a few examples on how you can help management and employees improve communication in the workplace. Dont give away too much information. For example, state that you can have employees write sample letters to each other and clients. You can dissect them and give suggested improvements.

At the bottom of each page, you must include your contact information. This includes your name and business name, business address, phone number, and email address. Remember, you want to make this easy for potential clients to find. Put it at the bottom of each page. Also, have a separate page that you can list on your menu bar labeled Contact Us. Nothing will appear on this page, but your picture and contact information.


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How to Market Your Business Coaching Services

An important part of business coaching is teaching clients to manage and market a business. For that reason, marketing is vital to your own success. Clients need to find business coaches and easily. After all, that is your specialty. If it takes potential clients hours to find your business online, they may question your ability to assist with their own marketing. How do you prevent this from happening? You familiarize yourself with ways to market your coaching service. So, what are your options?

The phonebook. When people need a service, most head to their local phone book. When looking to market a business or service, you should do the same. It will cost more money, but opt for a listing in the yellow pages or business directory section. Look at your phone book and find the best category for your service. It should be the business services, section or another related field.

When looking into phonebook listings, remember that not all individuals are familiar with business coaching. Invest money for a larger ad. It does not need to be full size, but have enough room to highlight the services offered. For example, state you can help businesses improve their profits with team-building, time management, and successful marketing tactics. If you live in or operate your business out of a small town, expand your listings to phonebooks for larger nearby communities too.

Business directories. Although many turn to their local phone book to find a business or service, many more turn to the internet. To capitalize on its popularity, use it. To get started, turn to online business directories. You can find them with a standard internet search and most search engines, like Yahoo, have built in directories. They allow internet users to search for a business, like yours, by city and state.

To add your listing to a business directory, contact the owner of the website. You may find an Add a Business, or Contact Us, link towards the bottom of the page. When creating your listing, provide as much detail as possible. Ideal keywords or tags to describe your services including, business coaching, business coaches, business services, and business help. Provide your name or the name of your business, address, phone number, email address, and website URL.

Create a website. Speaking of a website URL, you need to have one. Business directories enable you to reach a wide audience, but that audience is usually local. Remember, they enable internet users to search based on city and state. If you can offer services over-the-internet or over-the-phone or through travel, a website enables to you expand your reach.

When creating a website, realize the importance of a professional and easy-to-navigate website. If you need assistance, hire a professional web designer. As for website content, state what you do. Do not just list your title as a business coach; explain the process. Highlight who can benefit from your services, such as small to medium sized business owners. Go into detail explaining the services you offer, such as time management, marketing, and sales help. Explain how each of these services, when implemented, translate into increased sales.

Word of mouth. Small to medium sized business owners tend to turn to each other for help and advice. The internet makes it easy for these individual to connect by social networking websites and message boards. A small business owner who saw their profits increased due to your help is likely to spread the word. This will happen naturally, but why not provide an extra push? You can do so by offering a referral discount. Offer to refund a small percentage of the money a client paid, like 5% or 10% for each new paying client they refer.

Solicitation. With solicitation, it is important to proceed with caution. Some states and local governments have rules pertaining to door-to-door solicitation. If not an issue, head to those who need your services. Why wait for them to come to you?

With solicitation, you have many options. You can visit a small to medium sized business, speak with the owner or manager and explain your services. Leave behind literature explaining your business, such as your rates and the services offered. You can also mail these items to businesses in or around your area. To avoid outright solicitation, include a free product, such as a magnet bearing your company logo or a discount card for new clients.


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