Using Custom Printed T-Shirts as Advertising to Increase Your Business

Using Custom Printed T-Shirts as Advertising to Increase Your Business Profits

In the world of today, you will be hard pressed to find someone to argue that advertising is ineffective. The evidence is all around. We are bombarded with advertisements telling us how we need to have each and every product. Have you ever stopped and wondered why? The answer of course is because it works. Multinationals dont spend millions every year to lose money, on the contrary big companies spend money because their Harvard MBA accountants tell them that they end up way ahead. The truth is that if you are not advertising you and your business are probably missing out.

At this point a number of people are probably thinking one of two things: I cant afford to advertise for a short time and have only a few people see my ad, or they feel energized and want to take the big step and invest. The truth is you dont need to spend a prodigious fortune to have an effective advertising campaign. As a t-shirt screen printer, I have seen people spend modest amounts of money on a creative t-shirt that they then use as the core of their campaign. This seems like a nave attempt at advertising, but the truth is that many of my customers have told me that it is their most effective form. Think about it. Most advertisements are around for a month tops. T-shirts last for at least a few years. The people that wear them walk around and expose your business to a myriad of people every time it is worn. This translates into long term, inexpensive, effective advertising for your business.

This type of personalized advertisings effectiveness can best be seen when compared to some of the more traditional forms. Phone books for example are being used less and less as the internet continues to establish itself evermore resolutely in both business and personal lives. Search engines are a great way to go but require time and money, and lots of both. To make it high on the sponsored links could mean paying dollars per click. The natural listings require you to pour money and time into development. I can tell you right now that anyone who is a number one on Google dedicated much more time and money than anyone who ever bought t-shirts did. Television, radio, and newspaper can get you companies name out there, but they can be very expensive, short lived, and even to an extent ineffective. If your costumers dont or hear the ads then you have wasted a hefty sum of money.

T-shits on the other hand are inexpensive. They dont require the hassle and time that many other forms of advertising do. Plus they have far great longevity and will walk themselves right to potential customers. An effective t-shirt campaign can take nothing more than a good design, something at least my company helps with for free, and giving them away to your friends, customers, or even strangers. From personal experience I have seen the effectiveness of this time and time again. I have the advantage of seeing these t-shirts go from idea to ad, and much to my chagrin, I often get the enjoyment of seeing people I have never met wear them. I see the advertisements around, so I know that they are effective at getting seen.

Your business could benefit greatly from advertising. Perhaps you have already considered expanding your business or your businesss advertising, or perhaps this essay has given you some motivation. In either case I urge you to consider using custom printed t-shirts in your next ad campaign.

Keeping Your Personal Life Separate from Your Business is an

Keeping Your Personal Life Separate from Your Business is an Essential Component in Time Management

Those of us who work at home face some unique challenges when it comes to the issue of time management. Often, well intended friends and family assume that since we don’t actually leave the house and go to an office, we don’t have a ‘real’ job that our time is theirs and we are free to be at their beck and call for errands, favors, or just a friendly ear. We somehow manage to become everyone’s fallback baby sitter, errand runner, and general gopher. It can be very distracting, time consuming, and absolutely destructive to the flow of our workday. We also tend to be hungry for human interaction, which makes us justify our desire to be available to them. In other words, it is very important that we keep business separate from our personal lives. We need to establish boundaries with family and friends and kindly and honestly inform them when we can and cannot be available to them.

Sometimes our friends and family can be the most insensitive to how demanding our work can actually be. If you’re like me you get paid for what you accomplish not the number of hours you work (though some weeks I really wish I could get paid by the hour) so every minute of quality work time counts and it seems to take two minutes of work time to get back in the flow of our work for every minute of our interruption. If the phone rings, don’t answer it while you are in the process of working. If you feel you must return the call during work hours, wait until you reach a stopping point rather than interrupting the flow of your work.

It sometimes helps if you can set time limits for your tasks. This provides you with a deadline and a sense of urgency. Use programs such as Lexa Software which can be found at, (you can try this software free for 15 days and it is $25 to buy it) or the Achieve Planner which can be found at (this is a 30-day free trial and is $49 to buy but the software shows great promise and might be worth the monetary investment). These programs both allow you to divide projects up into small chunks and give yourself time limits for completion. A sense of urgency with completing tasks greatly improves the chances that the task will be completed on time or early. It also prevents avoidable procrastination by telephone call or visiting neighbor by providing you with the mental prod that you have work to do.

It is necessary that you treat your business like a business if you wish for others to do the same. One way you can do that is to set specific office hours. Only answer the phone, email, and instant messengers for work related or emergency issues and make it clear to friends and family that local gossip and idle chitchat do not qualify as emergencies. Be kind but be firm when you tell people that your office hours are sacred and cannot be broken lightly. If it happens once, it will be expected again.

Cutting out on the non-business related phone calls, messages, emails, and visits will provide you with explosive growth as far as time manageability. Also, setting office hours provides boundaries of sorts. It keeps you (a little bit) from getting so burned out (by spending countless hours in the office) that you can’t concentrate on what is at hand and provides you with some family time so you don’t forget the people you are supposed to be doing this for. Having a work schedule, believe it or not, also adds legitimacy to what you are doing in the eyes of friends and family. They will see that you are taking your business seriously and they will begin to take it seriously as well. Combine these two things with some minor organizational hints and tips and you will be amazed at how much more work you get done in a shorter span of hours.

Time management issues aren’t simply an issue for those of us who work from home, it’s an issue all over. People lose time, waste time, spend time, and treat it as a second-class citizen. Time is the one commodity that can never be regained. When it’s gone it’s gone. I would rather much rather have my time go to pursuits that bring me joy than used improperly while working and as a result having work invade my ‘fun’ time.

Order, Organization, and Time Management

We only have twenty-four hours in a day. It is important that we learn how to make the best use of our time to accomplish the plans, goals, and visions for our lives. If we dont use our time wisely, we will fail to achieve our destinies in work and our personal lives.

By learning how to manage our time effectively, we can take control over our futures and put a plan into action that can help bring our dreams to pass. Sadly, many people never learn how to manage their time, and unfortunately never live a life that is truly rewarding.

Research has shown that those who dont know how to manage their time suffer more depression, anxiety, fear, and stress then those who live a life that is ordered and organized. A life that is out of order is unhealthy, unproductive, and unfulfilling.

When order is added to the schedule, it is easy to reach your goals and to have more free time. You can use your free time to enjoy with your family, friends, and on activities that are rewarding. This is a much healthier lifestyle then living in chaos and confusion.

The first step to bringing time management into your life is to begin with order and organization. Take a look around your work at home office- is it in order? If it isnt then you can be sure that you arent making the best use of your time.

Order should begin with your desk and your home office. You may need to purchase some items such as filing cabinets, folders, software programs, and even equipment. However, an investment in organization is an investment in your business.

You should never bypass purchasing an item that will help keep things in order due to the expense. These items are not only tax deductions, but they will help you make the best use of your time which in turn will bring in more money.

You may need to take an assessment of your daily routine to see where you can benefit from more structure, order, and organization. Think about your day and all of the activities that you are involved in. Identify the weak spots of your routine.

Once you have determined where you need order, then it is time to get organized. You will need to purchase a planner so that you can take note of your goals as well. Putting your yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals on paper is the beginning of success.

At first, the idea of assessing your life an identifying your long and short-term goals may seem overwhelming but it shouldnt be. Think of this as a time to imagine your dreams and visualize what you would like to accomplish if you had no restraints.

You should begin by starting to look over your entire life, your priorities, goals, ambitions, and aspirations. This isnt just business related either; write down your personal goals as well.

After you write all of your goals you will need to look at the steps that you will need to take to achieve them. This will help you see which goals can be reached in the short term and the long term. After you assess your goals, you will need to classify them.

By classifying your goals into yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily you can begin to work on a reasonable plan to meet them. You will also need to work on a daily plan or a To Do list. This list will be the crux of your time management.

The best way to stay focused on your goals is to set aside the same time, day or night to assess your goals, and to continually review your daily plans. You should check off the things that you have completed and add new tasks to your daily plan.

By continually adding one thing from your yearly, monthly, and weekly goal list to your daily plan, you will find that soon you are checking off more of your goals and have successfully achieved them. By organizing your life in this manner you can be a success.

Order and organization are vital components to successful time management. By keeping your life in order and giving your schedule the organization needed to manage your time, you can devise a plan that will allow you to successfully meet your goals.

Without time management your life will be characterized by chaos and confusion and you are more succesptible to stress, anxiety, and fear.

Time Management: The Key to Success

Time management is the key to success in the workplace as well as in our personal lives. Without proper time management you cannot meet your daily goals or finish your work on time. You will ultimately fail in your business and your life will be filled with stress.

One of the ways to ensure that you are performing your job to your utmost ability is to practice time management skills. By making the best and most effective use of your time, you can ultimately achieve your goals and ambitions and be a success.

Time management includes making goals and taking the effective steps necessarily to meet them. You will need to make an assessment of your goals and ambitions and write them down. This is the beginning of creating a plan that will help you be a success.

Studies have shown that those who write down their goals, dreams, and aspirations have a higher rate of achieving those dreams then those who never take the time for personal or professional assessments. You should have many notebooks that are full of your dreams.

There are only 24 hours in a day, so you must make sure that you are doing everything possible, within your power, to make the most out of each day to reach your goals. In fact, those who make their goals suffer less depression and anxiety in their lives.

Time management also means that you have to save time for emergencies. What this means is that no matter how much planning you strive for, emergencies will arise and you will have to have a certain degree of flexibility to deal with these issues when they occur.

You should also make sure that when planning your goals that you dont overlook time for your family, your spiritual or religious activities, and downtime for yourself as well. Make sure that you include these activities in your long and short-term goals.

Planning is the key to making sure that your time is spent efficiently and effectively. You should find a time, the same time every day or night to assess your goals and create an effective list of the activities that you need to achieve that day.

By completing your list daily, and reviewing your achievements, you will find that you will be able to meet your goals easily and in an organized manner. When you review your days goals you should also ask yourself some specific questions about your productivity.

For example, ask yourself if you accomplished the most important tasks that you had assigned for yourself that day. If you didnt complete your goals, ask yourself where you went wrong. You can learn from your mistakes, as you can from your successes.

Dont beat yourself up if you dont complete your goals, just take the time to look over your list and assess where you went wrong or could use some improvement. If a phone call or a visitor sidetracked you, make a note of that.

As well, if you successfully accomplished some of your goals then you should note what it was that you did that led to the success and repeat the same procedure. You will find that effectively reviewing your day is the best way to maintain your success.

Once you identify areas where your time is being wasted, you must take steps to change the behavior or activity. Sometimes the biggest cause of mismanaging our time is due to boredom or a lack of focus. Some people have a harder time focusing than others.

If you are a natural daydreamer or prone to a lack of concentration, then you may need to take extra steps to ensure that you dont lose your focus during the day. Look for triggers that may distract you. By identifying these you will be able to plan around them.

Some triggers that may distract you could be phone calls, visitors, checking Email frequently, surfing the Internet, children, spouses, television and reading the news. Those who work from home have many more distractions available to them then others.

Plan your workday and do your best to remove these distractions. Some people are surprised to learn that to successfully work from home, may mean that someone else needs to watch the children. It can be very difficult to juggle both work and kids.

By preparing for your day, you will find that planning is the key to time management and is a vital key to unlocking the door to your success. Effective time management is important to reach and attain your dreams, goals, and aspirations.